Training Seminars

Many companies and organizations employ people who are required to edit materials that range from speeches to articles for newsletters to annual reports. Staff may have copy editing training or assumed the role without formal training. Copy editors are often the last line of defence before material is printed or put online. Perhaps you have had the experience of reading an edited piece in print only to find one or more errors that were missed. Do you want to ensure your edited materials are error free?

Whether you are a professional copy editor or someone who has assumed the role without formal training, DLW Communications can help make your edited materials shine. Utilizing our many years of experience as editors and proof readers, we have developed two copy editing seminars—Basics of Copy Editing and Copy Editing for Editors.

Basics of Copy Editing
This seminar is designed for those who do not have formal copy editing training and want to improve their basic skills.

You will learn the five “Cs” of copy editing – how to make copy clear, correct, concise, comprehensible and consistent.

You will receive tips on how to correct spelling, punctuation, grammatical and semantic errors.

You will learn how to create enticing heads and decks.

You will learn the common factual mistakes often made by writers.

You will learn how to mark-up copy and edit faster.

Copy Editing for Editors
This seminar is designed for copy editors who have solid basic editing skills and want more advanced knowledge.

You will learn how to handle quotations, proper punctuation, how to use letters and numbers, how to handle lists, and how to remove biases and jargon.

You will learn how to create bibliographies.

You will learn when and how to use legal symbols (TM and R).

You will learn how to reference Web site addresses, and how to better handle images and captions.

You will learn how to more effectively cut and rewrite copy, how to coach writers and establish protocols or standards to reduce copy editing time.

Both seminars are conducted classroom style and are a combination of presentations, in-class exercises, hands-on editing and take-home reading. Each seminar is four hours. Seminars are conducted either in local hotels or in your offices, depending on demand.

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